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The Mexican Wars
In a continent Far, far,far FAR,FAR away in the deepest of the deepest woods of mexico there was a little boy named Fernando.
Fernando was just cleaning his masters bottle collection and mowing his lawn untill he heard a weird sound.
“Mastarrrr mastarrr there is weird thing in air” He yelled. Shut the fuck up Fernando and continue mowing my lawn mr Johnson screamed at the boy.
A Terminator dropped from the sky and grabbed Mr Johnson and he ran away.
Then hundreds upon hundreds of Terminator T-100 models fell from the sky and started to shoot Fernando and the other Mexicans, The mexicans ran away to their  crappy apartments and got their selfmade ak-47’s and they tried to hold off the t-100’s for as long as they could.
The Terminators and the Mexicans fought for years upon years and the war seemed to have no end.
One day Fernando started to act like somesort of pussy and decided to run into the forest where he met the legendary pink whale of pussy-ness.
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How Jesus won the wrestling cup
Once upon a time there was a young boy named Jesus Theodore Christ.
The young boy always wanted to be a wrestler but  his mother told him to never attempt something dangerous like wrestling.
Jesus asked her why, but she kept telling him to go to his father, but his dad died in the Mexican wars in 1968.
THEN ON ONE DAY Jesus was digging a hole in his back yard to drop his turd  in, when he found it, The Holy Grill!
Jesus was so excited that he accidently shat himself.
After changing his pants he went back to the grill, knowing the legend of the holy grill he started to grill some meat on it.
The meat started to glow every color on the Mexican rainbow (Mexicans can’t really afford that many colors to make a rainbow so it only had puke green and baby piss yellow.)
Jesus started to shiver as he grabbed the meat, then he felt warm near his crotch, Jesus obviously pissed himself, what a pussy.
After changing his pants for the fourth time that day Jesus grabbed the slab of mea
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The king of fighters
This is a story about a club, a club that’s about two things: Fighting men and Being a total badass.
Every Five years this club comes together to organize a tournament, for their best fighters.
This year  there were only three participants and the champion from the previous tournament.
The fighters  where all hyped up for the fight, till one of the fighters food poisoned the other mexi- uh fighters. So he was the only one that was actually participating. Sheesh what’s with everyone getting food poisoned all of the sudden.
But anyway, let’s get back  to our hero.
The only fighter left was Gordon Iron nips Ramsey.
Gordon entered the elevator, taking him to the arena where he couldn’t see a goddamn thing, everything was dark until he heard the doors slamming behind him, there was no turning back now.
The lights went on, and there he was: Adolf Hitler, Aka The kung Füher.
Gordon tried the direct assault, he started to rush to the kung Füher
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Rectum Corfu
It was the 9th of august, 2009. It was the first time that i went on vacaction all by myself that year, I decided to go to a island named Corfu, near greece.
When i left my plane i was greeted by all the nice people on the island and the warm, glowing sun.
Everything went according to what i’ve planned You know just the normal things like hanging out at the pool and picking up girls. But on one day, i decided to take an alleyway that whould be a faster way to head to my hotel, atleast i thought so.
When i was almost at the end of the alleyway two men apeared in front of me, i turned around and there where two behind me, well one was. The other one was in a wheelchair because his legs didn’t work so i counted him as 0.5 man and 0.5 machine. I was surrounded by the 3.5 greek men.
They bend me down and they raped me, they all yelled: Rectum! Rectum! Rectum! All of them left after a while except the wheelchair guy, he drove over me so i whouldn’t remember about everything
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Old man Jenkins
Old man Jenkins
This is a story about Old man Jenkins.
Old man Jenkins lived in a house on a hill, next to the house there was a tree and next to the tree there where some animals or some shit.
One day Old man Jenkins decided to go out and head for the village down the hill.
When Old man Jenkins was walking down his hill he saw a rock, he kicked the rock and said to himself: Screw you Dwayne Johnson get off of my lawn.
The rock rolled down the hill and stopped in front of Old man Jenkins!
The rock grew and grew until it started to form arms and legs, it really was Dwayne Johnson!
Then Dwayne Johnson grabbed old man Jenkins and put him on his back.
Dwayne Johnson then started to crap rainbows and took off with old man Jenkins still on his back!
What would happen to old man Jenkins now you ask?
After a while Dwayne started to notice some noise behind them, he looked around. Then he saw some planes, American planes.
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